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Duties and Responsibilities of Examiners - Central Valuation

Duties and Responsibilities of Examiners - Central Valuation

  • No one can claim appointment as examiner or any other examination work as a matter of right.

  • The CoE shall appoint examiners for each examination from among the list of eligible examiners approved by the University depending upon the need in each paper. Persons whose names are not in the approved list shall not be appointed. However, under special circumstances after obtaining the permission of the Vice-Chancellor, exceptions may be made. Under no circumstances can the Chairman of the BoE issue appointment orders on his/ her own. All Examiners will be required to submit their acceptance of the offer or otherwise.

  • The Internal examiners shall normally not decline the assignment of examination work except in extraordinary situations since examination duty is treated as an essential service by the University.

  • The external examiners shall intimate their acceptance or otherwise as soon as they receive the communication from the University or in the prescribed time limit. The acceptance of the offer may also be informed by email to the COE. If no communication is received within the prescribed time limit, it will be presumed that the assignment is not accepted by the examiner.

  • If by chance, a subject has been assigned wrongly to the examiner, he shall indicate the same and decline the offer. He shall NOT accept an offer that is NOT related to his subject/ expertise/ knowledge domain.

  • The Examiners shall maintain strict secrecy regarding their appointment and other work allotted in connection with the examinations.

  • On the day of commencement of valuation, if applicable sufficient time shall be utilized for discussion with regard to filling of OMR marks sheet and shading and other related valuation guidelines and regulations concerning the University examination.

  • The Examiners shall NOT evaluate the answer scripts NOT related to his / her subjects.

  • The Examiners have to count the number of answer scripts in the packet and ensure that it tallies with the claim on the Packet.

  • The examiners shall value the scripts strictly in accordance with the scheme of valuation given by the paper setters, if any.

  • The examiners shall write 'ZERO' wherever answers do not deserve any marks. The examiner shall total up the marks.

  • The examiner shall ensure that no answer or part of any answer is left out in valuation. The examiners should read the answer script in detail and evaluate the scripts.

  • The marks awarded for each question shall be entered in the appropriate row & column on the mark-table on the Front Page of the Answer-booklet. The total marks shall be entered both in figures and words with his / her signature.

  • The examiner shall not take the answer scripts out of the valuation center under any circumstances.

  • If the examiner during valuation of the scripts suspects any case of malpractice, any candidates approaching for any favor or writing letters indicating name, the register number / code number of the candidate, he/she shall immediately report it to the Chairman of BoE. He/she shall submit the suspected script after valuing it fully along with his/her report to the Chairman of BoE, who in turn shall forward the same to the COE. He/she shall enter such references in the Front Page of the Answer-booklet.

  • The Examiners should have full knowledge of shading and filling of OMR marks sheets Black Ball point pen shall be used preferably for shading of OMR marks sheet. Sufficient care should be taken while shading on the OMR mark-sheets since any mistakes made in the OMR marks-sheet at the time of shading cannot be rectified later.